Spurr & Associates for Property Management

We specialize in property management in Long Beach, California and surrounding communities. We can bundle different services for you. If you just want us to find tenants, we can do that. If you just want us to deal with a difficult tenant, or you need a consultation, call us.

We’re trading the usual fluff and claims for some straight talk.
Give these pages a good read.
You might decide we’re the company you’ve been looking for.

For the moment, let’s go back to a basic question:

Why pay for professional property management?

Especially in these tough times, it’s tempting to think you can save a few dollars. It’s tempting to think renting property is simple. You buy some forms, hang a sign and collect rent. But renting property is a business and it’s a profession. The risks are too high to assume less. Spurr & Associates is dedicated to providing quality solutions for property management in Long Beach.

Consider the huge responsibility of giving house keys to a stranger. You wouldn’t hand out car keys yet the risks with house keys are much higher. You’ve heard the horror stories. The tenants left owing six months’ rent and an apartment that’s trashed. Maybe it’s happened to you. Maybe that’s why you’re looking for a property management company.

Our evictions average less than 1% per year. Our vacancy rate averages less than 3%. Try matching that to any other company. Why are we better? Look at the qualifications of our owner and president, B. Ramer Spurr and his background. Twenty years in law enforcement gave him the “people skills” to work with folks in the worst of situations. If you’re a tenant, you can rely he won’t overstep your rights. If you’re an owner, he knows the law. He will you protect your rights.

Screening, selecting, and dealing with tenants can be a legal minefield, not to mention the stress of confronting people in situations that, sometimes, are not cordial. Consider the value of having "an agent" representing you.

When there are problems with rents, toilets, or noisy neighbors, what a relief when you can tell the tenant to "call Spurr & Associates".

Mission Statement: Our mission is to reduce the worry, the stress, and the legal exposure while getting you the greatest possible return on your investment.

That’s pretty short and sweet. We could talk about giving best service, ethics, and so on. Those are givens. But the bottom line will always be: if you’re doing great and your tenants are happy, that’s all that counts.

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Our Services
  • Of course we source and contract tenants, we collect the rents, keep maintenance under control, avoid and resolve legal problems.
  • It’s the same basic service as you’ll find from any licensed, insured and well trained management company.
  • All cars will generally get you from point A to point B. The big difference is in the ride and the safety.
  • Most of our owners live out-of-area, many live out-of-country. Most have been steady clients for many years.
  • Ask for a list of references. After a few calls, you’ll discover why both owners and tenants stay with us.