Property Management is a full time job. It doesn't have to be yours.
Freedom is just a phone call away.
Imagine taking a vacation and leaving your phone at home.
Relax and enjoy your investment. We'll handle the rest.

Available 24/7

We always answer the phone, and we always return messages. After-hours and emergencies: You’ll have direct access to our owner. 


Our owner spent 20 years in law enforcement with a Federal Top Secret Clearance. He knows people and the law. Integrity always comes first. He still has a first responder attitude.


Property management is our full time job, not a side hustle. We’ll treat your property like it’s our own. We’re good at what we do – both owners and tenants agree. 

Responsive, Accessible, Honest & Experienced Property Management and Brokerage Company, Serving the Greater Long Beach Area

We specialize in residential and small commercial property management in Long Beach, CA and the surrounding communities. 

Our services are tailored to your unique needs. If you only want us to find tenants, we can do that. If you just want us to deal with a difficult tenant, or you need a consultation, call us! We’re here for you.

Why pay for professional property management?

Think you can save money by self-managing your property? It’s easy to forget this is a profession that requires much more than just collecting rents. Property management is a full-time job. 

In today’s legal climate, the risks are high. Mistakes can be very costly. Don’t try and handle it yourself, and don’t hand over your keys to just anyone. You need a skilled, experienced, and trustworthy property management company. We know this industry and the market, so let us take the reins and be your trusted advisor. 
We’ll communicate with you, be accessible to you, and treat your investment like it’s our own. 

Our evictions average less than 1% per year. Our vacancy rate averages less than 3%.

That’s among the lowest in the industry.

You can trust us.

Our owner and president, B. Ramer Spurr, spent 20 years in law enforcement with Federal Top Secret Clearance. His experience gave him the skills to work with people in the worst of situations. If you’re a tenant, you can rest assured we won’t infringe on your rights. If you’re an owner, we know the law and will protect your rights.

Screening, selecting, and dealing with tenants can be a legal minefield, not to mention the stress of confronting people in situations that, sometimes, are not cordial. We use our judgment and experience to attract high quality tenants for you, and if things take a turn, we’re there to handle it on your behalf. 

When there are problems with rents, toilets, or noisy neighbors, what a relief when you can tell the tenant to “Call Spurr & Associates.”

Mission Statement: Our mission is to reduce the worry, the stress, and the legal exposure while getting you the greatest possible return on your investment.

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