“Setting The Standard Of Excellence In Property Management.”

About Spurr Property Management

Our mission is to reduce the worry, the stress, and the legal exposure while getting you the greatest possible return on your real estate investment.

This is how we accomplish our mission:

  • Set the industry standard in real estate professionalism, and continuously strive to exceed it
  • Continuously keep our staff and our clients informed about local, state and federal rental and lease issues – keeping you in compliance and out of court
  • Keep a team of maintenance professionals dedicated to addressing any property needs – quickly, professionally and cost effectively
  • Conduct thorough inspections and documentation of your properties, with move-in, pre move-out and move-out inspections
  • Find the best tenants for our clients through detailed background checks and in-person interviews of prospects

And here are the results of our service to you:

Our evictions average less than 1% per year

Our vacancy rate averages less than 3%

That means less headaches for you and a steady flow of income from your properties.

Not many of our competitors can equal these results.

We’re not just rent collectors. We are your personal team of rental property protectors.