Maintenance Form

Tenant Maintenance Form - Request for Repairs

To request repairs, please call us at 562-810-7900, or fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you shortly.  

Emergency Fire/Safety: CALL 911

Fallen electrical lines: Stay away. Call Edison at (800) 655-4555

Water overflowing: Look for small valves under sinks and toilets. Turn off and call GDel Plumbing at (562) 810-7900

Electrical outlets off: Go to electric panel (probably inside your apartment). Flip each breaker off and then back on. 

Garbage disposal jammed: Use a 1/4″ Allen key (as we provide to you). At the bottom of the disposal, use the key to rotate until un-jammed. Then press the small breaker button (also located on the bottom of the disposal).