“The Spurr team sets the standard in professionalism for the property management.”

Owner Testimonials For Spurr Property Management

Larry M

I share your appreciation for Ramer and his services as property manager. Since you, he and I are all of the same “vintage” I am sure he will be sensitive to the Covid19 restrictions.

John L

Thank you for all you do.

Noor Z

“I can’t thank you enough for handling it by yourself and freeing me up.”


Cori A

“Thank you again for so much help. It’s been great working with you. If you ever need any type of reference, please don’t hesitate.”


Laela A

“You have been a wonderful person and have helped me so much. Thank you for everything.”


Nick I

“Thank you for keeping us informed on the situation. As always, you are right on top of things.”


Willie M

“Thanks again for the great effort by you and your team.”


Mark C

“Your reputation includes that for integrity, and I have observed nothing to the contrary. My mother and I appreciate your fine work and careful attention.”


Nadine E

“Thanks so much for looking out for us — the $550 plumber bill is a bit much right now, but hopefully that will be it for a while. I appreciate not nailing us with the first quote for the shower leak – yikes! So glad to know you have a reliable network of people. We’ve actually used the painters in our home and have referred them out to others, referencing your name.”


Elena T

“Thank for your help and for handling Carson with expertise…. I sincerely appreciate it.”


Michaela S

“Thanks again for being an awesome property manager!”


Mary Kay

“Way to handle a conflict! Thanks Ramer”


Michaela S

“Thanks again for being an awesome property manager!”


Cheryl F

Thank you for the updates and efficient handling of this problem.  Your inspection and identification of the problem came just in the nick of time.  It could have been much worse, if this had gone unchecked.

I also appreciate your updates.  Knowing that you are handling all the details and monitoring the repairs is a great comfort.  Also your comment about the last repair (made by xxxxxxx) confirms that my decision to change to a new property management (you) was the right move.

I too am glad the renters are being cooperative.  It has always been my intention to be a good landlord in the hopes that my renters will be good renters in return.

Thanks again for your diligence in making sure the work is done correctly,


Helene M

Great–the letter from the renter was a great endorsement—but I knew you were perfect!


Nick I

Thank you for keeping us informed on the situation.  As always, you are right on top of things.


Sheila W

“Where we live now there is a rental property and it looks so run down! I am glad you are checking things for me.”


Debbie S

“Again, I thank you for all you do Ramer. Managing property is not my cup of tea, so I think I am the lucky one here to have found someone honest, reliable, reputable and PROFESSIONAL!!!!!”


Marcia B

“All I can say is “WOW!”
Thank you soooo much for your report and good thoughts.
Moms always like to know their kids are in good hands, and obviously Lisa-Marie has the best property manager possible!”


Teresa C

“My life was made ever so much easier having you to handle the 2 houses on Myrtle, especially with me living out of town. Your help and efficiency has been so much appreciated. If economic times were different I probably would have hung on to the houses for another 10 years or so with you handling all the headaches for me.”


Helene M

“Great. The letter from the renter was a great endorsement (but I knew you were perfect!)”


Jim G

Thank you and we’re looking forward to our new tenant moving in. You guys at Spurr & Associates do great work!


Jun-Ella B

I am a Board President for a large condo complex. Spurr & Associates manage a numbe rof our condos. They do a great job of screening and managing their tenants. We have more problems with our owners than Spurr & Associates’ tenants.