Privacy Policy

The contents of this website are protected by copyrights and is the sole property of Spurr & Associates, Inc (S&A), and affiliated or contributing partners and agencies.  Any use of website elements for advertising, publicity, or to infer affiliation is expressly prohibited without written permission from S&A.  All other rights are reserved.

Links to third-party sites:  This website provides links to other sites, e.g. nearby city chambers of commerce, school districts, and weather reporting sites.  We are not responsible for the integrity, safety, or privacy practrices of those other sites. 

If you experience problems with this website or third-party sites, please inform us by calling  562-308-1458 or emailing

Underage users:  This site is not intended use by and data collection from users under the age of 18.  If you are under age 18, you may only use this website with the permission of your parent or guardian.

When you visit our website, we conform to the common practice of collecting data for use in analyzing the effectiveness of our site, and answering inquiries or requests from you.  S&A is the sole owner of all collected information.  It is not shared, sold, rented, or disseminated to any third parties.

All information is secured online by passwords.  Access to our computers and hardcopy storage is secured within our locked office and our locked file cabinets.  Access is limited to employees of S&A, all of whom have been vetted by credit and criminal background checks.

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