Tenant FAQ

Here are some of our most frequently asked questions.

If your question is not answered below or you need more information, please call your leasing/maintenance coordinator. Text or call (562) 472-5535. 

Q: Do you accept HUD Section 8 subsidized tenants?

Sorry, no. To date, California does not require that we participate in the Section 8 program.

Q: Does my spouse need to submit an application?

Yes. Any occupant past their 18th birthday must be separately processed as a tenant and must be on the lease. An “occupant” is anyone who receives mail and, for all intents and purposes, would be considered a resident.

Q: Do you check credit scores?

Yes. We check credit scores, eviction records, filings, criminal history, employment and prior residences.

Q: I can’t move in for another month. Can we delay the rent?

If your financials are sound, we are willing to delay rent for a maximum of three weeks. Typically, you will be giving a 30-day notice to your current landlord. You will want a week’s overlap for moving and cleaning. We hope the three week delay will work for you.

Q: I forgot. What’s the move-in procedure?

Call our leasing agent and confirm the check-in appointment.

Prior to getting keys:

  • You must have paid any balances owed in cash or certified funds (cashier’s checks, etc.).
  • You must provide utility account numbers showing that utilities are now in your name. This will include electricity and may include gas, water, and trash.
  • You must have a renter’s insurance policy that lists Spurr & Associates as Additionally Insured. A Certificate of Insurance must be forwarded to our office by the insurance company.

Q: What if I want to add a roommate to my existing rental agreement?

Great! As long as occupant stays within our two person per room policy we can help you add a roommate to your rental agreement, there is a $200 processing fee if you want to add, remove, or move out one roommate for another. The new roommate shares security deposit responsibilities and accounting along with the current resident(s). Our standard company criteria for tenant screening applies.

  • Notify your leasing agent and ask for an application.
  • Have your future roommate apply for residency and review your current rental agreement.
  • Your leasing agent will provide you an addendum to sign with your roommate(s) adding the new resident(s) to the rental agreement.
  • Provide your roommate with a copy of the rental agreement and all documentation you have regarding unit move-in condition, your leasing agent can supply if requested.

Q: The gas company found a problem and won’t turn on the gas.

Call your leasing agent immediately. Sometimes we don’t know there’s a problem until you’ve opened a new account and the gas company arrives to turn on the gas.

Q: I have an emergency!

If the problem is health, fire, or criminal, call 911 (then call us).

If there’s a blocked drain, call 562-810-7900. Note: blockages caused by you will be charged back to you.

If it’s after hours and, for example, one toilet is blocked but you have a second toilet, it’s not an emergency. Please request a service call during work hours. Certainly, if the toilet or bathtub is overflowing, or there’s only one toilet, call 562-810-7900 immediately.

If water is flowing, turn off the small valves under sinks, behind/under the toilet, or the main shut-off outside the building. If a sprinkler has become a fountain, turn off the water timer or the valve. Then call your leasing/maintenance coordinator at 562-810-7900 or 562-472-5535.

Other emergencies: text/call 562-810-7900.

For routine maintenance, please email us. You may use the maintenance request form.

Q: I would like to get a pet. Is that OK?

Each home has its own pet policy. Before getting a pet, call our office at 562-308-1458.

Q: I have a problem with the lawns or grounds care.

Call your leasing/maintenance coordinator, 562-472-5535.

Q: The Garbage Disposal isn’t working.

It may be the old garbage disposal that is rusted, burned out and needs replacement. If so, we’ll replace it.

But most of the time it’s nothing more than something jamming the disposal. 

Before calling us, it will be quicker if you try this: Use a 1/4 inch hex-key (also called an “Allen key”). Insert it into the bottom of the garbage disposal: underneath, in the middle. Rotate it left and right. It should free up any jams.

Chances are, the jam has tripped the disposal’s electric breaker. There’s a small button on the bottom of the disposal: less than a 1/4 inch in diameter, it’s the breaker. Pressing the button will reset the breaker.

If that doesn’t fix it, call maintenance at 562-472-5535.

Q: I have to move out. What should I do?

Send us a 30 day notice to vacate. You can email us. We need the notice to be in writing. The 30 day clock begins when we receive the written notice. Please include your forwarding address and reason for vacating.

We understand that lives change, often beyond your control. You may have to leave before your lease expires. Yes, you are responsible for the rent until the lease expires or we find a new tenant, whichever occurs first.

We will make every effort to find a new tenant quickly. You are also welcome to assist in finding a new tenant. You can run your own Craigslist ad, or post cards on bulletin boards at work or school. Yes, we’ll be marketing your home but the more exposure the better. The sooner we start receiving rent from a new tenant, the sooner you are released from your lease.

Q: What can I do to get full deposit returned?

The key words are “fair wear and tear.” Carpets wear out over the years but it’s often a tough call: Was this normal wear? Did the carpet tear because it’s so old that it became threadbare, or did you drag furniture and a leg snagged the carpet? Was the stain caused by spilled cosmetics, or bleach? Or maybe oil dripping from a motorcycle (that shouldn’t have been in the living room)?

The home must be cleaned so it is ready for a new tenant. When you moved in, you expected it to be clean. You expected the carpet to be professionally cleaned. The new tenant will want the same. Any cleaning will be charged to you. Any repairs that are beyond normal wear and tear will also be charged. You will receive copies of any receipts if the costs are greater than $125.

Our tenants often leave most of the cleaning to us. We charge the cost to you. Usually, at this point of your move, you are more concerned with getting into your new house.

Q: I’m moving out, where do I turn in my key(s)?

Your rent does not stop until the keys are turned in to our office. Call us. 

Q: How long before I get my security deposit?

California requires that we account for your deposit within 21 days of turning in keys. The count starts on the following day. We will mail any remaining deposit and documentation to your new address.