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Cerritos Property Management And Brokerage

Highlights About Life In Cerritos – For Owners and Renters

Spurr Property Management has been serving the community of Cerritos for many years. Cerritos is close to our main office in Los Altos, and we know the community quite well. It’s a great place to live as a renter with it’s convenient location, and an excellent investment for property owners looking for stable, well-constructed rental properties.

It’s Really Part of Los Angeles County

Many people think that Cerritos is part of Orange County. Maybe it’s because of it’s expansive subdivisions of single family houses and their manicured lawns. In reality, it’s really part of Los Angeles County.

What Does Cerritos Really Mean?

The name “Cerritos” originated during the early days of Spanish rule. The topography has a preponderance of little hills, so the Spaniards simply named it “Cerritos”, which is Spanish for “Little Hills.”

What Makes Cerritos A Great Place To Live?

Lots of reasons. First, it’s in a great location. It’s situated between Los Angeles Counties and Orange Counties. That gives the residents of Cerritos the choice of working either North or South. With lots of freeway access ( The Artesia Freeway, The 605 and the Interstate 5) residents can have direct access to employment, entertainment and shopping offered by both counties. Or, they can simply stay at home in Cerritos and enjoy the suburban life style 24/7.

A Great Place To Work…

There’s some pretty smart urban planning going on in Cerritos. Of course, the Los Cerritos Shopping Center and the Cerritos Towne Center bring lots of retail, restaurant and entertainment opportunities. Take a look at the Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts, which is part of the Cerritos Center. And then, there’s the Cerritos Industrial Park. Lots of light manufacturing jobs that serve the electronics and automotive sector. And then the UPS facility is the big fish, employing over 6,000 people and growing. United Parcel Service.

And Spend

Best of all, Cerritos residents and heavy spenders. Second only to Beverly Hills in spending per capita. Over $35,000.00 per person.

Spur Property Management Is A Brokerage Too

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