What Will My Property Rent For ?


What Will My Property Rent For ?

What Will My Property Rent For ? 800 600 spurradmin

What Will My Property Rent For?

What will my property rent for is the first question most owners ask when we meet. It’s only natural. We’ve all got to balance the income and expenses. And the idea of income property is to make a profit.

We Work With A Lot Of Small Income Property Owners In Long Beach, Los Alamitos and Surrounding Areas

Pricing the rent on an income property that is a single family house, a duplex or a fourplex requires a detailed inspection, assessment and projects involving maintenance, scheduling and fix structural and cosmetic problems, and the overall demographics of where the property is located.

Coming Up With An Accurate Monthly Rental Price

There is a lot of work that goes into pricing your rental property. An unexpected expense can dramatically affect your bottom line. As professional property managers, we have a valuable perspective of the real costs of maintaining an income property.

Have A Conversation With Us Regarding Your Rental Price

We will work closely with you to determine the fair market value of a monthly rent charge, what you should expect in the way of maintenance and what type of contingency fund you should build.

Whether You Own Already, Looking to Own, Or Planning To Sell, Call Us First

With over 20 years in this business, we can provide accurate and valuable advice for your income property strategy.

Call Us at 562 308 1458. You will be very relieved that you did.